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Unica Ceramiche Target Group
Fuoriformato Target Group
Petracer Iconic Italian Luxury
Pecchioli Firenze
Unica Ceramiche Target Group
Unica Ceramiche

Like artworks fashioned by a single hand

This is the genesis of Unica, wonderfully-crafted products that combine design, know-how and technology
Made in Italy, with stoneware that resonates with absolute exclusivity.
These unique ceramic collections are inimitable, because they draw away from the mass production approach; instead their ethos is based on research aimed at valuing decor as the distinctive element to ceramic surfaces, which stand out form different and contemporary styles and processes.

Fuoriformato Target Group

Fresh and exclusive approach to the world of big ceramic surfaces.

For the first time large-dimension of porcelain stoneware meets the explosion of color and the creativity of sketching. Not just reproduction of existent materials but also and above all the flair and fantasy of décor. The porcelain stoneware surface becomes a neutral sheet on which are reproduced decoration, texture, and images and with which to dare through the choice of out of the box solutions.

Petracer Iconic Italian Luxury

Iconic Italian Luxury

Interpreters of tradition and Italian style that has left a mark over time and continues to be a propeller of beauty, we love luxur y not as ostentation, rather as a sign of exclusivity, refinement, class. 

Pecchioli Firenze Cotto
Pecchioli Firenze

Made in Florence, the capital of art.

What is firmer than the clay, clearer than the water it is kneaded with, more powerful than the fire in its kiln, more real than the color that embellishes it? These are the materials we work with and handle on a daily basis, as both raw materials and in our manufacturing processes. Of course they have been developed, but have remained close to their millennia-old roots, ennobled and transformed into products of great aesthetic and clear functional value.


Unica General Catalog
Unica General Catalog
Unica Luxury Catalog
Unica Luxury
Unica Maxxi Mosaix Catalog
Unica Maxxi Mosaix
Fuoriformato Catalog
Fuoriformato Catalog
Petracer Timeless Emotion Catalog
Petracer Timeless Emotion
Petracer Classic Inspiration Catalog
Petracer Classic Inspiration
Pecchioli Firenze Catalog
Pecchioli Catalog

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