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Facade System

Universal and Integrative
Framing Application Technology

BILDA is a patented cladding system for ventilated facades.
BILDA technology is based on two basic innovations: the precision slot in the façade panel and the Lego-like simple connections between all system components.
The precision slot (half-moon shape) is processed with minimum panel penetration and ensures a reliable grip of the supporting system components.
The slot is easy and inexpensive to make with BILDA stationary slot-milling or handheld machines.

BILDA milling machines are light and compact, with high performance that guarantees fast return of initial low cost investment.

The patented assembly principle of the BILDA system is the Lego-like connection between all the system elements. Each component of BILDA system comprises a part or a contour corresponding to a part of the element it connects with.


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