"The marble look gives you a feeling of luxury and comfort and turns even the smallest space into a work of art."


The WIDE&STYLE collection caters specifically to the needs of architects and designers. The decorative solutions are developed with the creative contribution of in-house and external professionals and can easily be combined with the entire range of Casa products to give the perfect finishing touch to any project. Depending on the style and colour of the decorative slabs, the mockups featured in the WIDE&STYLE catalogue suggest the most suitable materials to be used as coordinated floor and wall coverings. These range from the astonishing realism of wood effects to products with a more minimalist and contemporary flavour and surfaces that reproduce the timeless elegance of marble and stone.



Fascinated by the world of coverings, 41ZERO42 tried
new solutions that could better express the language of
their vision. In this way, shapes, colors
and emotions come to life on an extremely thin ceramic
plate, flexible and innovative element for decoration
and design.
The emotional force and impact of these themes, recalls
atmospheres that may sometimes be
distant and fascinating.The vision feeds the mind
leaving thoughts and concepts, which vary from person
to person, depending on your cultural background.



Wonderwall, the exclusive project by Cotto d’Este which, inspired by interior decoration, interprets wallpaper decorations with slabs made of Kerlite, ultra-thin, large-format porcelain stoneware.
15 marvellous decorations with profound texture and elegant designs, printed in high definition.
Large slabs measuring 100x300, in stoneware with fibreglass mesh, thin and light like wallpaper yet strong, resistant to humidity, safe and guaranteed over time,making them perfect for interior design projects which seek to give architectural spaces a unique and prestigious feel.



Floral textures delicately envelop and furnish the space,
combining design with great functionality. Eight motifs
accompanied by two solid colour plain tiles decorate
50x100 cm porcelain stoneware surfaces which, 3.5
mm thick, are as thin as wallpaper yet highly resistant
and versatile. Like on a light fabric, the details of the
hand-painted designs that emerge from the deeply
decorated surface stand out with brilliant and matt
effects, impressed at high resolution on the ceramic
substrate thanks to cold digital printing technology for
an extremely high quality aesthetic result.